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Whereas, it is the purpose of God and Spirit that humanity shall grow and understand our own divine nature so as to manifest physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness, health and wellbeing;

Whereas, it is the purpose of humanity to express divine truth, love, peace and wisdom through service to Spirit and to all our fellow beings; through so doing, we achieve oneness of spirit, unity, balance, harmony, and enlightenment.

Whereas we are called by spirit to provide service to God and humanity and to assemble ourselves in fellowship and love as a Global Alliance of Churches Association (GACA) to give that service;

Whereas through the service, we provide a platform for Church leaders and ministries to foster unity, offer training and practice, offer theological studies and issue nationally and internationally recognised licenses and credentials of ministers; Be it Resolved...

Our Mission

To promote vibrant Association of Church leaders through fostering unity, empowering, mentoring and equipping Church leaders with skills, knowledge and internship within an accountable, secure and orderly environment so as to enable community transformation for better and sustainable livelihoods as part of their Christian calling and service.

Our Vision

To be the trail blazer ecclesiastical ministerial fellowship in empowering and providing leaders in the local Church and other Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) with a platform where they can obtain credentials, support to transform their society.

Brief History

Bishop John Gichiri (Chairman), Bishop Francis Waihenya (General Secretary), Bishop Joseph Warui (Honorary Treasurer) and Bishop Annie (Administrative Secretary) founded GACA in May 2011 for the purposes of fostering unity, through theological...


Membership is by formal application and is open to all Christian Churches, Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) and individual ministers who are willing to commit to the GACA objects and statement of faith.


GACA exists to:

1. Foster unity, through theological understanding, training and practice, studies and working together with like- minded bodies nationally and internationally as licensing authority for member...

Upcoming Events

12th - 14th June 2015

Prayer Convocation in Glasgow

27th June 2015

Ordination of Evangelist Maxey and Pastor Grace

26th September 2015

Cosecration of Bishop Elect Ekow Roberts

13th -14th November 2015

G.A.C.A Annual Summit

12th December 2015

Consecration of Bishop Elect Dr. Noel Tylor

Contact Information

311 Hatton Road Bedfont, Feltham TW14 9QS UK

Tel. +44 (0) 7535 833 737


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