Global Alliance of Churches Association (GACA) is a designated Ecumenical body that is responsible for Consecrating and Receiving Bishops as well as ordaining and receiving ministers and leaders of Faith Based Organizations (FBOs).

GACA Member-churches and organizations as numerous as they may be, all belong to and make up but one body; performing different offices, for which they are naturally fitted for the good of the whole.

We are an ecclesiastical body that offers itself as an instrument or agency of peace, unity and justice to the Churches by promoting discussion and action among Churches towards Church union and fellowship in order to show forth among its member churches that Christian unity which is God’s gift to His people in Jesus Christ, and by prayer, study, consultation and action, promotes the Church's mission.

We are committed to ordaining ministers who demonstrate their calling to oversee the life and direction of the church and or ministry.

The Pastor will have a firm grasp on the purpose, values and strategy of the church and the ability to align ordained, none ordained, staff and key leadership teams with the church and or ministry mission.

Upon being accepted into GACA, to remain in good standing, a minister will be expected to offer pastoral leadership to the congregation alongside other leaders and will ensure that the systems, practices, and policies of the church and or ministry responsibly and effectively support its activities.

We shall, if and when approached assist the minister to remain relevant in the key responsibilities and duties including but not limited to preaching, teaching, strategic leadership, planning, supervision, administration and development of and adherence to church policies and procedures.

GACA credentials will open doors for the Pastor to encourage and be a part of many life milestones for Church members that many times involves providing services at funerals, dedications, baptisms, making hospital visits, encouraging and coming alongside church family in times of need.

GACA shall walk and stand with the Pastor to ensure he/she remains relevant in the duties of watching over and praying for all those committed to the up building of the Church and to guide them in correctly interpreting the gospel of Christ by remaining bound to obedience to God, to the Alliance and the authorities thereof.

In response to the transformational approach to the broader spiritual, social and economic issues GACA will encourage the minister to display a wider understanding of how to receive, disciple and discipline as well as support those who turn to God to be fruitful in the house of God and in the society.

As an umbrella body, GACA shall extend services to member churches and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) of collective representation through provision of spiritual, social, economic, environmental and emotional assistance to needy communities.

Our Vision

To be the trail blazer ecclesiastical ministerial fellowship in empowering and providing leaders in the local Church and other Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) with a platform where they can obtain credentials, support to transform their society.

Our Mission

To promote vibrant Association of Church leaders through fostering unity, empowering, mentoring and equipping Church leaders with skills, knowledge and internship within an accountable, secure and orderly environment so as to enable community transformation for better and sustainable livelihoods as part of their Christian calling and service.

Contact Information

311 Hatton Road Bedfont, Feltham TW14 9QS UK

Tel. +44 (0) 7535 833 737

E-Mail: gacauk@outlook.com


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