Consecration of Bishops

GACA consecrates ministers into the office of the Bishop if a member church makes an application requesting the Association to do so when the church has reasonable number of branches and ministers.

GACA can also consecrate a minister from a member church by appointment following a recommendation by the executive committee of the Council of Bishops (CoB). GACA can only confer the position to a minister from a member church when such a need arises as long as such a leader is c redible and has demonstrated a reasonably large ministry and leadership.

The leader will however be required to discuss such an appointment with his church leadership who will in return write to GACA expressing their acceptance of such offer. It will be the responsibility of GACA at this point to write to other member churches, other ecumenical bodies and or partners of the appointment of the minister as a BishopElect.

a) Consecration Process

For a minister to qualify to be consecrated into the office of a Bishop, he/she

1. Must have been recommended by his/her church leadership or appointed by the executive committee of GACA Council of Bishops.

2. The candidate must have demonstrated an unquestionable character and a proven record of faithfulness in the ministry for a period of not less than ten years.

3. The candidate must have an evidence of a calling of God into the ministry witnessed by the anointing and gift of the Holy Spirit.

The appointment of the candidate as a Bishop-Elect will give GACA an opportunity to both make the appointment public and closely observe him/her for a period of not less than three calendar months.

The candidate will then be required to show evidence of being theologically sound and holding firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it.

This evidence may be in form of a written paper(s), articles or books that reveal his/her understanding of the duties relevant to the consecration.

The candidate will then be required to attend an interview with the GACA Bishops Council panel who will ensure that the candidates is qualified, that his/her church governing board has consented to the appointment, that other member churches have been formally informed and that they have made public announcements relating to the candidate before the position is offered.

Having completed all due diligence, GACA shall then gazette the candidate for no less than 69 days during which time a tentative date and venue of the consecration ceremony will be agreed.

The candidate will then be consecrated on the appointed day without fail unless an objection has been formally raised within the 69 day gazette window. Any objection must be addressed by the Council Bishops within reasonable time.

Our Vision

To be the trail blazer ecclesiastical ministerial fellowship in empowering and providing leaders in the local Church and other Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) with a platform where they can obtain credentials, support to transform their society.

Our Mission

To promote vibrant Association of Church leaders through fostering unity, empowering, mentoring and equipping Church leaders with skills, knowledge and internship within an accountable, secure and orderly environment so as to enable community transformation for better and sustainable livelihoods as part of their Christian calling and service.

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