Bishop John Gichiri (Chairman),

Bishop Francis Waihenya (General Secretary),

Bishop Joseph Warui (Honorary Treasurer) and

Bishop Annie Njeri (Administrative Secretary)

founded GACA in May 2011 for the purposes of fostering unity, through theological understanding, training and practice, studies and working together with like-minded bodies nationally and internationally as licensing authority for member ministers and churches; authority for issuing credentials of ministers of member churches and monitoring candidates for Pastoral ministries and or office of the Bishop.

The Bishops were motivated by the need to facilitate a common consultation and action that shall inform Christian public opinion and bring it to bear on the moral, social, national and international problems of the day, particularly those affecting the life and welfare of the people by engaging in high quality and effective transformational development programmes that contribute towards a positive change in people’s lives.

GACA also responded to the need of empowering, equipping and supporting Pentecostal and independent member-churches and faith based organizations (FBOs) in order to strengthen, encourage and co-operate with one another by sharing ideas, skills, knowledge and resources.

By God’s grace, GACA, in partnership with partner relief organizations shall quickly and effectively respond to humanitarian emergencies to save lives, ease suffering and support communities at the national, regional and global level while working and advocating for changes in the structures and systems which impoverish and marginalise people, with particular attention to the needs of the poor and vulnerable groups.

We shall actively engage in national, regional and international debates as a voice of the voiceless by advocating for positive change for poor and marginalised people by continually increasing effectiveness through capacity building, knowledge sharing, learning and experiences and working closely with other ecumenical bodies who share similar objectives.

Our Vision

To be the trail blazer ecclesiastical ministerial fellowship in empowering and providing leaders in the local Church and other Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) with a platform where they can obtain credentials, support to transform their society.

Our Mission

To promote vibrant Association of Church leaders through fostering unity, empowering, mentoring and equipping Church leaders with skills, knowledge and internship within an accountable, secure and orderly environment so as to enable community transformation for better and sustainable livelihoods as part of their Christian calling and service.

Contact Information

311 Hatton Road Bedfont, Feltham TW14 9QS UK

Tel. +44 (0) 7535 833 737


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